Tibetan Sound Healing

Reflexology Tibetan Sound healing

Maeve O’Duibh


How does Tibetan Sound Healing Work?

Tibetan singing Bowls are largely made in the Himalayas; in Northern India and Nepal. The first bowls are considered to have been made over 5,000 years ago. Traditionally, monks, nuns, and Buddhists used the bowls in rituals, prayers, and meditation. Since the 1970s, Tibetan bowls made their way to the Western World and are popular amongst Eastern and Western practitioners. 

Scientifically, the bowls have been proven to connect to the Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma brainwaves which are responsible for focus, concentration, creativity, problem solving, meditation, improved sleep and lucid dreaming.Tibetan Singing Bowls sound at different frequencies and can be used to entrain brainwaves to move into Theta frequencies and are a powerful tool for bringing on a hypnagogic state of consciousness; a meditative trance or sleep like state where deep healing can be induced. On a meta-physical level, it is believed that the sound of singing bowls can assist with realigning the chakras, meridians, energy lines and energetic centres; due to each bowls unique frequency and the unique vibrational frequencies of the bodies energies. 

Singing bowls are truly wonderful, mysterious, deeply powerful and nurturing tools! 

Benefits of a Tibetan Sound Healing Treatment

  • Liberated emotional traumas and PTSD
  • Promoted self-healing mechanisms within the body
  • Help with insomnia and sleep disturbances 
  • Enhanced meditative state 
  • Relief from headaches 
  • Improved fatigue 
  • Relieved pain; joint and muscular aches  
  • Aided digestive system 
  • Deeper relaxation 
  • Reduced stress levels 
  • Lower anger and blood pressure 
  • Improved immune system function

There is research to show Tibetan Sound Healing can significantly help with learning disabilities and autism and can assist autistic children and adults with their concentration and school or work performance, which is suggested as a neurological response to treatment.

What happens during sessions and how much does it cost?

During a sound healing session you will be guided gently to lay down. It is time for you to relax and drift off with your eyes shut. I will assist you to come into awareness of your body and to focus on your breathing. If you are ok with touch, I will start by giving your arms and legs light stretches. Then I will move into playing the varied bowls whilst you simply receive the sound of them wash over you. If you would like, the bowls can also be placed on the body; the stomach, heart centre, the back and on the legs for example. You can be treated laying on both your front, sides and back. You will be guided throughout the experience. During the session I may use other percussion instruments (such as chimes, bells, gong, drum) to have deep and lasting relaxing effects. 

In an age where knowledge is at its most accessible, experience can be over looked. For thousands of years, Tibetan singing bowls have been a crucial part of Eastern culture and have been used in spiritual ceremonies and healing rituals. Today, you are invited to share this experience and to find that feeling for yourself, to explore this ancient method of healing first hand. 


Name  Duration Cost
Maeve O’Duibh 1 hour £44