Massage in Bristol


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Agata Palmer


Massage in Bristol at the Chiron Centre


Hands free massage – Agata

This approach is a gentle, slow and powerful technique of releasing deep tension in the muscle, moving lymph around, increasing blood supply and facilitating deep relaxation for the client.

I use mostly my forearms and sometimes elbows, always working with the muscle tissue. I aim to release the muscle in a way that is highly effective, pain-free and relaxing for the client.

I was lucky to train with Darren Pritchard and benefit from his 40 years of massage and training experience. I align with his ethos of non-adversarial work with the muscle as an extraordinarily effective technique of release and healing.

Bellabaci cupping – Agata

This massage technique uses suction cups to relieve tension, move lymph and encourage deep detox and repair response in the body. Reddening of the skin and cup kissescan occur after treatment, especially in the areas with knotted tension (never on the face, as we use different cups and techniques for this area).

The red marks are a visible sign that fresh blood supply to the area has been invigorated and this will support any healing processes in the treatment area.

For more information follow this link: Bellabaci cupping .


Treatment Fees

Practitioner Fee Treatment duration
Agata Palmer £45 1 hour – Hands free massage or Bellabaci cupping

Cancellation policy
Full fee will be required if less than 24 hours notice given.

NB : Initial consultation may require the completion of a questionnaire, in which case the session time may be slightly longer than that shown, but at the same fee. Alternatively, you may be asked to arrive a few minutes before your appointment time to complete the paperwork in our waiting area.