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Kinesiology in Bristol at the Chiron Centre

The Chiron Centre is a very busy kinesiology practice and also very progressive – the ground-breaking ‘Quantum K’ system was developed within these walls. Between us all, we have about 20,000 hours of therapy time behind us, but still have a core desire to keep learning and expanding our skills. Kinesiology is very flexible, so we have looked for healing techniques from around the world to add to what we can offer to you, from basic food intolerance testing to helping you find your true soul’s calling. Some of this we learned in the UK, some with the local shaman in Peru. We aim to acccommodate a broad range of needs and belief systems.

What is Kinesiology? An explanation by Claire and Andrew

The human body is like a living computer; it has an incredibly deep and complex internal wisdom that knows the condition of every cell and system within it. When we connect with this wisdom, we learn about ourselves at all the different levels that we exist – the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic.  

The first therapist to do this using a muscle test was a chiropractor called Doctor George Goodheart. In the 1960’s he discovered that messages from the brain to the muscles could be disrupted by any number of stresses, including foods, hormones, emotions, chemicals and physical ailments. By gently testing a relevant muscle, he could find imbalances throughout the body, how they related to each other and what might help return that body to balance. 

This relatively new therapy has since spread across the world. It is extremely flexible, allowing therapists to personalise their treatments within the overall umbrella of muscle testing. We can tailor each session to the specific needs of you the client, including techniques working with:

  • Stress release
  • Core beliefs
  • Homoeopathy
  • Spiritual healing
  • Energy healing
  • Quantum K
  • Naturopathy
  • Working in the mythic
  • Soul retrieval
  • meridian balancing
  • Invasive energy release

Our own style of kinesiology is particularly suitable for people with a variety of seemingly unconnected symptoms that hinder conventional diagnosis and treatment. For those who have suffered for years without really knowing why, kinesiology can provide the missing answers.

The treatment itself

Kinesiology TestA kinesiology session is relaxing and enjoyable, lasting up to one hour. After an initial consultation, you will lie fully clothed on a couch. We will then measure changes in the response to gentle pressure on your arm while either problem areas on the body are touched, or a small test vial containing the suspected food, toxin or hormone is placed on your body.

The initial session normally has a diagnostic element to it. We will perform an ‘M.O.T’, assessing the energetic health of the major organs and establishing whether any toxins, stresses, or structural imbalances are affecting their performance. These underlying causes can then be linked back to any presenting symptoms and a range of actions agreed as the first steps towards better health. We will also look into any emotional stresses that may be contributing to your symptoms, this is a crucial part of most sessions.

Any subsequent sessions will normally be at 4-6 week intervals. We will check progress against the original findings and trigger whatever level of detoxing is required if we are working with physical issues.

There will usually be a strong emphasis on the hidden, subtle imbalances that have been suppressed over your lifetime. There may be belief systems set in childhood to explore and unhelpful emotions to embrace and release. A kinesiology session connects you with your wounds in a safe and loving environment. There may be a sense of lightness after the session, but there may also be emotions to feel into afterwards as you engage lovingly with what you have previously locked away. 




by Helen Wilson


Helen values each person’s journey with integrity, respect and compassion. She uses the muscles to get bio-feedback from the body’s systems. The muscles indicate a priority and bespoke course of action for each individual. No two sessions are the same.

What are the benefits?

√ increases energy and vitality

√ improves classroom and learning attitudes and outcomes

√ improves posture and can help alleviate physical pain

√ helps relieve stress, anxiety, phobias and trauma

√ enhances brain function and improves co-ordination, work and sports performance

√ empowers individuals

√ discovers your personal nutritional needs and sensitivities

√ helps to change attitudes and achieve life goals


Which therapist should I see?

Kinesiology is an umbrella therapy that allows the therapist to bring in a range of tools underneath the muscle test. Every treatment is unique and every therapist is unique in the way they practice. If you are looking to choose the most appropriate therapist for you, please do read our personal profiles within the therapists section and also the short description below. There is no right and wrong choice here, all of us can help you make whatever changes and improvements you are looking for, so please do trust your intuition and confidently choose the therapist and approach that feels right for you:

Claire and Andrew tend to practice using an arm as an indicator to access the body’s innate wisdom, but thereafter use few protocols. We go on a journey with our clients, exploring all the layers of their presenting issues, the physical imbalances, dietary issues, core beliefs, ancestral inheritances and issues at a soul level that may need healing. It is a journey of discovery with lots of information and lots of energy work with influences drawn from traditions around the world including shamanism. We can look at your needs from the level of dietary changes and toxicity through to invasive energies and soul retrievals.

Helen is an experienced trainer and practitioner. She practises Kinesiology in combination with other healing tools including Reiki, N.L.P. and sound, using muscles as bio-feedback to access the body’s innate wisdom. A client can choose a goal for their session. Once information is received from the muscles, energy can be moved in the body to increase vitality. Helen will usually use multiple muscles to bring the patterning into the body, giving awareness of a definite change of state. Kinesiology is a non-invasive, profound experience, which increases choice and maximises performance on all levels. Come and join the fun and feel great!

Alice has over 300 hours of instruction and practice, and passed her final practitioner exam in 2018. A session with Alice will focus on whatever your priority is on the day – you may need a shoulder/neck/wrist/ankle/knee balance, a session supporting your hormonal or digestive system, a general M.O.T, stress relief or a combination of any of the above. Emotional support is a fundamental part of a kinesiology session, so if you are undergoing emotional challenges, then a kinesiology session may be just the thing to bring some relief and restore balance. Think of it as a ‘massage for your soul’. If you have any foods you think you may be sensitive to, Alice can test for these as well.


Client testimonials – Andrew

“Dear Andrew, I just wanted to reiterate my thank you for an interesting and challenging session last time. I am amazed and heart warmed by your skills, by kinesiology and your personal intent and care.” Daphne

“Andrew, to say things are much better is a gross understatement. I think the accumulative effect of the sessions have come together now, I feel fantastic, my excess weight is reducing because I am eating normally, I have got 90% of my brain function back AT LAST. I have not been this up for this time of year for so many years I didn’t realise just how depressed I was. I am going from strength to strength now, I can say without doubt this is due to my sessions with you because it has been effortless for me and as you know effort is not one of my strengths. Also it has given me the strength to face my nemesis the dreaded “sugar”. It has been like playing with a little kitten not the demon lion of my imagination. 3 weeks now sugar free that has never happend before ever and no cravings is nothing short of a miracle.” Ray

“Just to say a big THANK YOU for all your wonderful work Andrew. It is so fantastic to have me back and all my energy”. Jane

“You have worked your magic again. So far I have been well and feeling full of energy.” Shirley

“I can let go of my stuck habits and old thought patterns and that is very liberating. …So you can tell how grateful I am for your help.” Anne


Client testimonials – Helen:

“Easy to receive and surprisingly effective, “ Mr.T.W. Edinburgh (2 sessions)

“My shoulders don’t bother me at all anymore and that pain had been a real bug-bear for several years!” Mrs. S.D. Bristol (7 sessions)

“Kinesiology made me feel more energised and productive, “ Miss. S. B. Bristol (5 sessions)


Client testimonials – Alice:

Vittoria – I went to Alice with a chronically painful neck and thanks to her incredible touch, after 3 treatments, my symptoms are so much more manageable. After each treatment, I experienced a tremendous sense of relief. There was less stiffness, a lot less pain and I was able to stop taking pain killers. Alice brings more than ‘just’ intelligence and fact-based knowledge to her therapeutic sessions. She also brings sensitivity, kindness and deep human compassion. You will not find a more talented kinesiologist.

Kris – I am a complete newbie to kinesiology, and came into it with an open mind. I  feel the huge benefit that the treatments and Alice’s recommendations have had. I have been able to not only improve my digestive health, but fundamentally have been able to process locked up stress and emotion that I have been carrying for some time, giving me a different view on people and life. Thank you so much helping me to harness my own energy to support my self improvement.

Lisa – Thank you for such a lovely relaxing and supportive session yesterday. I think you have a real gift actually, for helping people feel safe & nurtured. I feel much better emotionally, things are in better perspective. Thank you SO much.


Treatment Fees from 1/1/2107

Practitioner Fee Treatment duration
Claire Kedward £44 1 hour
Andrew Kempleton £44* 1 hour
Helen Wilson £60* 1 hour
Alice Revell £44 1 hour

*concessions are available on request in advance of the treatment for those on benefits.

Please remember that we are all self-employed, so if you don’t turn up, we don’t get paid! If you miss an appointment or cancel within 24 hours, whatever the circumstances, you will be asked whether you wish to make a voluntary contribution to mitigate the losses incurred.

NB : An initial consultation will require the completion of a questionnaire, so please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time to complete the paperwork in our waiting area. We can email you a questionnaire if that is easier for you.