Intuitive Energy Work

Samantha Cross


Intuitively reading the energy and holding the space to help you discover and re-align/move through any blocks/beliefs/patterns/unconscious thoughts/energy misalignments/resistance that is holding you back personally, professionally and in your truth of your spiritual awakening; helping you move back into spacious alignment and flow.

Helping you to:

  • Have more clarity on where you are and be more inspired on how to move forward; supporting you with this.

  • Be more heart centred and compassionate with yourself and others; accessing and deepening your inner calmness

  • Helping you gain and understand the broader perspective whilst receiving spacious wisdom; thus gaining a deeper understanding of your true self.

  • Being more in alignment with the Universe/your inner being/inner knowing; thus being more open and allowing to receive your desires

  • Have more spacious awareness/movement/freedom from pain and troubling emotions etc

  • Be more grounded, embodied and centred in your spiritual awakening and connection (especially if you’re empathic and highly sensitive or a practicing medium/healer/therapist)

  • Learn new techniques to practice daily and draw on them when times get really tough

  • To receive, through energy transmission, higher levels of consciousness for your individual needs and spiritual awakening.

  • Be more at home with yourself and know yourself on a deeper more expanded, truthful level; thus helping you notice stress, anxiety and other emotional reactions quicker, gaining the ability to move through them.

  • Energetically helping with the Law of Attraction and of ‘protection’ etc.

  • Be more spiritually awake/in alignment/consciously aware in your relationships/work/business/family/friendships/health/hobbies/loss/life changes….ultimately in all your life experiences.

  • Helping and supporting you through feelings of grief and loss of a loved one

  • Supporting you through your own development of becoming a channel/healer/medium; helping you feel more confident and aligned with spirit.

  • Helping you to fully understand and feel that you are not alone; aligning your frequency and raising your vibration into a feeling of expansion and ultimately love.

Each session is intuitively guided to suit you at that present time. My practice has its basis in bringing together the following:

  • Spiritual awakening, philosophy, wisdom, practices and teachings (various different disciplines)

  • Universal Law of Attraction

  • Conscious/Unconscious awareness

  • Higher Heart Wisdom/Being open hearted

  • Spiritual understanding of deep acceptance

  • Emotional intelligence and awareness

  • Spaciousness

  • Receiving through energy transmission; higher teachings and healing

  • Mediumship, channelling and spirit communication

  • Intuition

  • Meditation/mindfulness

  • High sensitivity, empathy, compassion

  • Stillness, presence, grounding and embodiment

  • Various different energy practices (including: Reiki, EFT, Matrix-reimprinting and Sound Healing).


Session duration Cost
60 minutes £53
90 minutes £80
120 minutes £106