Health and Nutrition MOT

Using BioScan SRT

BioScan SRT Health and Nutrition MOT Victoria Collar

Your Health, Wellness and Vitality are no longer a puzzle….

Whether you are just not quite feeling yourself, have food or pet allergies or have a long standing condition i.e Tiredness, ME, Headaches, Weight problems, Thyroid,  IBS, Fibromyalgia, Stress, Skin conditions, Gut and Digestive Health or Organ function, where conventional approaches haven’t been effective, a health and nutrition MOT identifies what is going on inside, similar to an EKG (recording the electrical activity of the heart) or EEG (recording the electrical activity of the brain).Health and nutrition MOT

The BioScan SRT (Stress Reduction Therapy) revolutionary body field scan shows hundreds of results peeling back your layers and lets us know exactly what you need to get back into balance. It’s a full nutrition and health check.

A signal is sent into your body and the signal bounces back. This signal identifies thousands of stressors in our everyday lives, just a few would include: Wheat, dairy, egg, sugar, pollen, mildew, mould, dog, cat or a specific chemical – we have over 50,000 possible stressors we can identify with the Bioscan.

Once we identify what that item or items are, we use a laser so your body will perceive whatever that item is as good as opposed to bad, making the reaction to the stressor and the symptoms unnecessary. It’s like a “re-boot” of your system.

This customised programme identifies your blockages, toxins and other stressors and activates your self healing ability.

It is completely safe, FDA cleared, pain free and non-invasive.

The BioScan SRT system can benefit everyone, whether it is used to address current issues or used as a preventative means to maintain optimal health.

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Treatment options and fees:

1. Food Intolerance Testing With a Digestive Scan – £95. Up to one hour including the consultation. Testing over 500 foods as above,  This scan is specific with what upsets your body. It may not be the foods, it may be your digestive system that is out of balance.  A more comprehensive scan with an accurate report.

2. Full Health Check Scan – £95. Up to one hour including the consultation. A full body scan, assessing 100 points of your body internally to see if balanced, stressed or weakened (Organ function, muscular and skeletal) and secondly how hundreds of external stressors affect you, including general food groups like Wheat, Dairy, Mould, Chemical, etc. This scan is recommended as a great overall picture of your general health with an accurate report. Find out what is stressing your body and bring it back into balance. Highly recommended as an MOT.

3. Total Health Scan – Health and Nutrition scan with food intolerance testing – £150. Up to 90 minutes. Including the consultation. Discounted by £40 from the cost of having both scans individually. This includes Full Health Check, Digestive Scan, and food intolerance testing. This is the best value for money package taking away ALL the guesswork for you.


Please note:  Although a one off appointment is hugely valuable for your information, a course is recommended to get to the root cause of symptoms and to get the benefit of the Stress reduction therapy to bring your body back into balance. Most clients need 6/7 appointments depending on the toxic load.

All follow up appointments from the Full health check scan are discounted for booking a course and paying upfront.